Demo Day Equipment Drive

Help Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Programs continue the effort of training youth in the sport of Triathlon.

Founded in 1992, Tri-Masters is a not-for-profit organization that empowers at-risk children via triathlon in order to teach life lessons. As our youth athletes learn to swim, bike and run, they gain skills in goal-setting, conflict resolution, respect, responsibility, self-discipline and perseverance.

tri and you can master anything in life.

The program was an opportunity to create a safe haven for children who are economically disadvantaged, have witnessed community violence, and may live in environments replete with alcohol and illicit drugs. The program teaches youth that their accomplishments are limited only by their dreams and perseverance.

The greatest reason for this program’s uniqueness is that it has shown more than 1,500 inner-city youth that the world is full of opportunities if you persevere and prepare. The program’s motto is “Tri and you can master anything in life.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the eyes of the program’s youth.

Tri-Masters has always relied on the interest and support of the triathlon community including, fellow athletes, corporate sponsorships, in-kind services and products, and individual contributors.

Remember training for your first event then actually competing in it. Now remember the great feeling of accomplishment when you crossed the finish line. Here are some of the many items that a well-run, effective program requires to get the young triathletes across the finish line.

what's needed

  • Bicycles (proper type and size, maintenance)
  • Bicycle Helmets
  • Shoes (running and cycling)
  • Clothing (new or gently used team shirts, suits, wet suits, running shorts)
  • Training Equipment (kickboards, goggles)
  • Lunches and Snacks (energy bars, sport drinks)
  • Transportation (to and from race events)
  • Competition Entry Fees
  • Coaching staff/counselors/life guards
  • Administrative supplies and services (mailings, postage, film/photos, copies)
  • Program Awards
  • General Funding

Contact Tri-Masters Sports Initiative Programs at 773-980-8084. TRI-Masters